Oakfields Montessori School Fees

5 full days (Monday to Friday) – £2,968 per term

3 full days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) – £1,780 per term

2 Full Days (Tuesday and Thursday) – £1,187 per term

If your child is between the age of 3 and 5, you may be entitled to a Nursery Education Grant.

£3,085 per term

£3,333 per term


  • Includes all textbooks, stationery, craft materials, French and swimming lessons by specialist teachers, a mid-morning drink and a snack and daily cooked school lunches.
  • A sibling discount of £165 per term will be given to second and subsequent children in one family for Reception to Year 6. This discount will only be applied whilst two or more children in the same family are attending at the same time.