We teach our art curriculum through an exciting mix of varied projects, encompassing a very wide range of processes, skills and experiences. Our art specialist teaches in our well-resourced and modern studio, as well as within each individual classroom, depending on the activity being undertaken. There is a focus on teaching the skills of art as well as promoting children’s creativity and developing their natural talents and making links between their work and that of other artists. We also hold extra-curricular art clubs.

The results of our many art projects can be viewed throughout the school. Most recently the whole school created an art trail in an unused part of the woods on the grounds, where all our children made their contributions, including painted stones, table cloths and decorated plastic bottles. We enlisted the help of Art Attack presenter Lloyd Warbey, who helped the children to piece the art together.


We encourage children to develop imagination, self-expression and confidence. Our weekly speaking and listening activities encourage pupils to expand their range of expression in communication and to understand a vast range of texts. We organise theatre visits and workshops for our pupils, with regular visits from the Young Shakespeare Company, who help to bring plays to life. We also run extra-curricular Drama for both our KS1 and KS2 pupils and have a busy and vibrant ‘Bedazzle’ Club, who put on regular productions.

We also aim for all our children to be confident speakers when they leave and therefore speaking and drama play a big role in Literacy lessons and beyond. Children from Year 1 upwards are entered for the English Speaking Board examinations biennially.

Oakfields Montessori School