Destination School Prep

The school prepares pupils rigorously for successful entry to senior school at 11+, according to each child’s academic profile. This preparation becomes more explicit from Year 4 onwards.

This includes twice weekly lessons in verbal reasoning, current affairs, debate and in Year 6 interview practice and critical thinking skills.  Non-verbal reasoning interventions are available if necessary for the pupil’s chosen school admissions.

By the summer term of Year 5, the children are regularly completing timed practice papers and in the autumn term of Year 6, where appropriate, pupils are prepared for their chosen destination school’s entry. The Headteacher meets individually with parents of pupils in Year 4 to discuss senior school choices. During these meetings, we discuss the entry requirement process. Formal exams are held for the whole school at the end of each term. There is a vibrant post 11+ programme for Year 6.


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